Employee Experience and Talent Management

A distinct employee experience TO DRIVE YOUR GROWTH

Talent at the centre of business priorities
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Talent at the centre of business priorities

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Implementing the necessary conditions for your employees’ development and fulfillment is crucial in the context of the current labour shortage and the complexities arising from it.

Would you like to create an employee experience that will foster your teams’ loyalty, mobilization and engagement? Are you looking to adopt practices that will take your talent to the next level?

Novaconcept offers a wide range of services to help you review your positioning and roll out new business practices that shift the central focus of priorities to your most precious resource: YOUR EMPLOYEES

Our services

  • Coaching for HR and leaders in diagnosing your employer brand and your policies related to recruitment, onboarding, communication processes, working conditions, labour relations, team mobilization, etc.
  • Strategic reflection aimed at implementing organizational policies and creating “employee career paths
  • Onboarding plan for new employees and development plans
  • Workshops on key practices in employee experience and team well-being
  • Implementation of strategic succession management processes and talent pools
  • Development of competency frameworks aligned with strategic priorities and ambitions
  • Leader development path including the manager-coach and talent-growth mindset
  • Coaching for managers
  • Talent management presentations

Our intervention methods

  • A simple, human and personalized approach tuned in to your company DNA and your team dynamics
  • A process that re-examines the foundations and challenges the status quo to ensure the implementation of an integrated and results-oriented approach
  • Co-creation, with you, of YOUR future solutions—with humility and our full attention—by combining the best of our expertise
  • Coaching your managers to action:
    • Guiding and equipping leaders to better grasp their teams’ needs and profiles
    • Ensuring their dedicated commitment to changing management practices
    • Implementing proximity management that brings meaning to teams and to the organization

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