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A conference aligned with current issues
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A conference aligned with current issues

Inviting a speaker to your conferences, development days and meetings is an excellent way to mobilize and refresh your teams.

Novaconcept specializes in the creation and delivery of impactful corporate conferences customized to your issues. Available in 60-, 75- and 90-minute formats, we find THE formula that meets YOUR needs!

Subjects which celebrate inspiration, energy and the pleasure of coming to a new awareness:

  • Hybrid management: an opportunity to rethink the organization of the future
  • Dare to be different with a distinctive EDI approach
  • Towards a unique employee experience
  • Managing talent to new heights
  • Managing in complexity: innovating and learning in an era of uncertainty
  • Civility and work climate: solutions grounded in prevention
  • Competencies for the leader of tomorrow: where do you stand?
  • Courageous leadership
  • The synergy of a successful team
  • Customer-focused approaches for added impact
  • Slow down to succeed: better manage your stress
  • Customized conference

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