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E-learning design
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Novaconcept designs and produces effective custom online training courses that meet your needs and achieve the desired results target.

Novaconcept is recognized for its creativity, its pedagogical knowledge and its high visual quality products, and, regardless of the topic on which you want to train your employees, together we will find the best training solution according to the known premises (budget, deadline, needs, etc.). In short, every challenge has a solution.  

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This is a matter of defining your project together in order to determine the main axes you wish to develop. From conceptualization to completion, we’re here to answer your questions at every stage. Our goal as designers of online training programs is to offer you a custom solution.

Designing an online training program means transforming raw content into attractive learning solution. Educational design therefore intervenes in several aspects. It’s about analyzing the learning needs and making the right strategic choices, then creating the appropriate learning scripts and educational tools.

The visual aspect is essential when it comes to designing an eLearning program. Aware of the visual impact, our team of online training program designers is renowned for their unique graphic design.

Shifting from physical training to digital training isn’t always easy. While the educational content must remain the same, the structure needs to be adapted to the digital format to maintain attractiveness and constant attention from the employee.

We also work to improve your existing remote training programs. Some content needs to be updated regularly, particularly in order to maintain its educational potential, which is why our team is constantly looking for new ways to improve your online training.

It’s harder to hold an employee’s attention with digital learning, which is why our team strives to offer playful, attractive content to maintain a high level of concentration.

To fully integrate the employee into the learning and provide them with useful, high-quality online training, we design engaging, immersive simulations. Their goal is to encourage the participant to take an active part in their training in order to accelerate the integration of knowledge and skills.

Our online training designer also lets you host your eLearning programs on our Learning Management System LMS platform in order to guarantee you an exemplary fluidity of navigation.

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Like you, our goal is to generate immediate and lasting success for your project. Together, we will achieve this goal and make this learning experience a springboard for the development of your talents. Embark on the eLearning adventure with Novaconcept, a designer of educational, innovative, and accessible online training solutions.

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