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Always at
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Icône Histoire

Founded in 1999 by Ghislain Bélanger, Novaconcept quickly established itself as a leader in the field of digital training in Québec. Since then, we anticipate digital progress and we always stay on top of the latest trends in training.

We have seen the e-learning market evolve since its inception… from CD‑Roms to virtual reality. Our challenge at this time is to support our clients in acquiring the new tools that are emerging all over the world. We have to be able to sort out what is “trendy” and what could really help our clients.

Novaconcept’s expertise has become twofold: facilitating knowledge, but also always finding the best solutions to do so.

In 2004, we carry out our first major accounts contract in the field of finance. This mandate completes the many subjects that we had already led until then (school themes, office automation techniques, etc.).

During this period, we relocate and our team expands. We give our team the means to deploy its creativity to carry out our various mandates in Canada and Europe.

In terms of e-learning training, the market still has some functional gaps. We want to fill this gap and go further in the quality of our products.

This is why we develop our own working and collaborative methods and tools. Thanks to these new tools, we take our productivity a step further. We also reduce the remaining margins of error linked to sending, validating or updating courses for example. It’s now simple, intuitive, and fast!

The last few years have been marked by growth. We are now working with large national and international companies, thus further consolidating our leadership position in this vast field of e-learning.

Today, we continue our journey toward new markets, exploring new trends, creating new approaches, keeping very humbly in mind what has made us a leading company in e-learning: listening, flexibility, speed and quality.

“…E-learning is a complex and constantly changing field. Over the years, we have managed to build a strong and versatile team of dedicated people, proud of what they do, and who know how to do things with modesty. That is what I am most proud of.”

Ghislain Bélanger
President and Chief Executive Officer