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Who hasn’t dreamed of training in an immersive environment that almost perfectly recreates a lifelike work environment? Or role play in an imaginary setting in which you could interact with the elements or avatars around you? We are now able to design virtual reality environments in which the learner is called upon to replicate behaviours or perform actions that mimic reality and that boost learning retention.

These immersive solutions are varied and have the advantage of meeting different training needs. Whether it’s to learn how to fight a fire or to explore a factory without putting yourself in danger, virtual reality allows us to dive in a world where everything is possible, where mistakes have no real-life repercussions, where we can practise and start over as much as it takes to get it right.

Virtual reality is a technology that is slowly making its way into the training world, and Novaconcept is your partner of choice for exploring this innovative solution.

Project developed on behalf of our client, this short simulation offers the learner an immersive experience at the heart of a very real situation. Following a well-established sales and customer experience process, the participant must support the client in their purchases by answering questions and providing them with the best advice. A complete report follows this activity, covering each of the important points of the sales cycle. This capsule can be used with VR glasses, on a mobile device or on a desktop computer.

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