How do we work?

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What does it mean?

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What does it mean?

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Day after day for two decades, Novaconcept has taken up challenges of all kinds (tight deadlines, unstable content, union context, etc.). Without ever compromising on quality, we work with agility, speed and efficiency.

We are always mindful of our objective: to deliver high-quality education and media training products on time.

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Creating digital training is a bit like building a puzzle: you progress while readjusting a few pieces when necessary.

With our vast experience, we have developed our own working method: The CPI method. this method combines agile and iterative approaches. Structured and transparent, our method targets a simple objective: to produce high-quality training solutions thanks to effective processes.


We progress step by step with you, from the beginnings of your project to its launch. We readjust together as we move forward.

The CPI method allows for several iterations; readjusting throughout the project and through all phases of development to achieve excellence. It is a method that allows us to design and produce our solutions quickly with confidence.

What are our tools?

Tools that facilitate collaboration

A pleasant customer experience
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A pleasant
customer experience
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We develop our own tools to maximize our work processes and to facilitate yours. Our tools facilitate, among other things:

Sending validation links, automated and without a hitch.

Course validation and comment processing made easier thanks to our EMENDO tool.

The creation of reports, allowing you to follow the progress of your change requests.

Sharing large files via our secure platform.

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We have total control of our processes

All our tools are interrelated to eliminate any risk of error. We are therefore faster, more efficient and transparent.