Leadership and Management Skills

A new strategy in leadership development

Towards systemic leadership
Animated icon of an leader sharing his work management structure
Towards systemic leadership

Animated icon of an leader sharing his work management structure

Organizations must quickly implement a new way of developing leaders—a way that’s radically different from conventional training programs—to meet their future reality and needs.

Leadership development must go from an individual-focused mindset to a systemic view, and pre-built training must evolve into solutions that are indissociable from the organizational context.

Have you noticed that the one-shot deal and pre‑built trainings you’ve done in the past did not yield the results you expected?

Explore new avenues to raise your leaders’ games. Innovate with a new approach designed by NOVACONCEPT to develop skills differently and spark real change.

A systemic mindset to meet the challenges that complexity and rapid change bring

Developing leaders rather than training them
Icon representing the development of leaders
Developing leaders rather than training them

The skills that tomorrow’s leaders need are no longer developed in silos.

  • A space for reflection, learning and discussion fuels experimentation and development in a unified, rather than pre-built, way.
  • Thinking, learnings and challenges translate into concrete action plans that foster a growth mindset.
  • A paperless approach prioritizes technology and restricts the use of conventional documents.

Powerful solutions for your leaders at every level

Accompanying offered in full virtual, hybrid, or classroom modes:

  • Highly agile development paths adapted to your needs and reality
  • Collaborative, co-creative and experiential workshops and programs
  • E-learning, micro-learning, interactive simulations, serious games
  • Leadership profiles: psychometric testing, 360 approach, etc.
  • Business and management coaching, individually and in groups
  • Co-development activities
  • Management support and advice
  • Management coaching certification (recognized by the ICF)

Let our topics inspire you:

Giving meaning and vision

Self-awareness, ethics, change agent, mobilization, coaching approach, influence and political sense, impact communication, strategic writing, etc.

Structuring activities and initiatives

Hybrid mode, work organization, agility, partnership, cross-cutting, curiosity, innovation, etc.

Managing operations and performance

Action focus, decision making, work atmosphere, analysis and resolution, talent management, contribution management, etc.

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