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LMS Hosting

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A world‑class platform

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Do you want to distribute your training quickly without the excessive costs of implementing a learning management system? We have the solution: our cloud-based SAAS-type platform.

Do like many of our clients and take advantage of our customizable system. Fully secure, our LMS hosting solution is customizable and scalable: it can be configured according to your preferences (brand, organizational structure, number of learners to be trained) and flexible over time according to demand (increase in the number of learners to training, mass dissemination, etc.)

It makes it easy to organize, track and distribute online courses for formal learning (supports several standardized formats, including xAPI, SCORM and AICC).

The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate for an unrivalled user experience. The functionalities of the platform can be easily improved by adding the integrated support of web conferencing tools, social media and user support.

The platform includes advanced engine functions for creating tests, surveys and course tracking, combined with a rich selection of default and custom reports, allowing you to easily monitor and track user progress and the performance of your platform.

In addition, our platform is equipped with an e-commerce solution supporting the best known payment providers.

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