Civility and Work Atmosphere

Work atmosphere, civility and respect: A MATTER OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE

Creating a healthy and safe work environment
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Creating a healthy and safe work environment

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How is the work climate in your teams? Do you tolerate antisocial behaviours in your company: rumor-spreading, malicious gossip, hounding, bad attitudes, exclusion of colleagues, cyberbullying, rejection of authority, etc.?

As the source of many problem situations, antisocial behaviours have a major impact on productivity. An organization’s tolerance for antisocial behaviours signals its acceptance—even endorsement—of such actions. You need to act!

Our range of services offerts

  • Awareness e-learning clips
  • Training and presentations
  • Team consolidation and tailored team intervention
  • Coaching process for all types of organizations
  • Surveys, interviews, focus groups and diagnostic tools
  • Drafting of organizational policies
  • Support for management teams undertaking a cultural transformation
  • Coaching for managers
  • Guidance and tools for HR specialists

Generic training courses designed for captivating learning


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Influencing the working environment
Animated icon of a happy team at work
Influencing the working environment

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Our experience in workplace civility interventions covers a variety of business sectors:

  • Public sector: government ministries, health network, municipalities and boroughs (all departments), education network (universities, colleges, school boards, schools) and daycares
  • Private sector: commercial and service sector, manufacturing and mining sectors, and plants
  • Large and small companies
  • Various associations, conferences

Our intervention methods

  • Influencing the work environment to promote individual responsibility and prevent antisocial behaviours, harassment, or other examples of incivility
  • Ensuring that employees, managers and organizations are accountable for maintaining civility in the workplace
  • Guiding and equipping managers, leaders, HR teams and employees as to possible courses of action for dealing with a toxic or difficult work environment

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