Cohesion and Team Building

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A team is a complex system!
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A team is a complex system!

Bringing together talented and well-intentioned people is not enough to ensure that they will work together efficiently. Any group’s performance inevitably depends on the lasting cohesion that the members develop among themselves.

Our distinctive approach to team building combines a process of continuous improvement with a method of collective engagement. Propelling teams and talent is our business: it's what we do best!

Cohesion challenges

  • The energy level of the team seems to be falling
  • Individuals need to get to know and understand each other better
  • A new manager joins the team
  • The level of trust is not as high as it could be
  • Collaborative mechanisms need to be improved

Transform your team to propel everyone upwards, together

For a united and committed team

Novaconcept offers a variety of dynamic activities to strengthen your team cohesion. Whether you are looking for virtual, hybrid or in-person services, we have what you need!

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Workshops exploring and defining transversal levers of team collaboration

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Workshops exploring creativity and the use of innovation to move teams forward together

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Fun activities in the form of group simulations, team challenges and serious games

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Creation of team charters specifying values, orientations, mechanisms, responsibilities

Don't hesitate to contact us to set up an impactful activity that will make all the difference for your team!

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