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Let’s create your future together
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Let’s create your future together

Novaconcept supports organizations through their thinking, their projects and the development of the abilities they need to grow their culture and bring out the full potential of their teams.

Diagnostic – Vision – Strategic direction – Structure – Strategy – Lever – Frame of reference – Policies – Process and procedure optimization – Talent management – Problem solving

Our strategic consulting service offer

Strategic planning

  • Current circumstance diagnostic
  • Strategic plan implementation
  • New direction implementation
  • Deployment and execution support

Change management

  • Definition and preparationn
  • Rollout management
  • Strategic management
  • Communication plan
  • Performance indicator implementation

Strategic HR and talent management

  • Employee experience
  • Management experience
  • Equity, diversity, inclusion
  • Skills plan
  • Talents and succession
  • Working relationships

Transactional consulting services

  • Crisis management coaching
  • Strategic diagnostics
  • Consulting in organizational project management
  • Coaching for strategic writing
  • On-demand management consulting

Work structure

  • Review of roles and responsibilities in a hybrid environment
  • Management and implementation of collaboration processes
  • New work process review and implementation

A team like no other
to support you

Our expertise at your service
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Our expertise at your service

Novaconcept gives you access to a team of experienced, diversified and specialized experts known for their ability to simply put people first. Using existing company strengths and talents is the bedrock for each of our interventions.

Our value proposition:
Co-creating and innovating together

  • Fully tailored support : since each organization is unique, we offer solutions and experiences tailored to your reality
  • Humility : we don’t pretend to have every solution, and we co-create the future with you by combining the best of your expertise with our know-how
  • Active involvement : we actively involve your leaders throughout our process, making them the driving force behind the game plan and ensuring the solutions are adaptable and long-lasting

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