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A combination
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A combination
of approaches

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Do your organization’s situation and challenges suggest that you should combine different approaches to training and developing your leaders and teams? Let’s build a solution together that will guarantee team engagement and buy-in.

  • Blended skill development paths
  • E-learning
  • Training solutions that combine a virtual and classroom approach
  • Serious games
  • Strategic advice
  • Coaching
  • Teaching strategies
Demonstration of how we can combine different approaches to create an blended learning solution

We will create blended solutions adapted to your organizational reality and the needs of your learning community.

SQDC crop

Novaconcept has designed and produced a blended training course for SQDC employees and managers, in a context never seen before: the sale of recreational cannabis products. After a detailed analysis of the SQDC’s needs, the solution chosen to effectively train employees turned out to be a combination of online and classroom courses.

This educational strategy would allow the SQDC to meet its objective, which is to empower future branch advisors to:

  • Respond to client questions, particularly on the effects and impacts of cannabis products on health
  • Guide consumers toward responsible consumption of cannabis products
  • Prepare for certain situations that could arise in a branch.

The blended approach has also enabled a large cohort of learners to acquire the required knowledge and skills in a short period of time and in a still unknown context.

On the one hand, the blended formula makes it possible to offer an autonomous and flexible learning period via online courses, and on the other hand, an opportunity to consolidate and go further in the application of knowledge during in-class workshops.

Thanks to a sustained learning pace and the use of complementary methods, the learners were able to develop efficient and informed customer service.

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