It’s said that you reap what you sow. And if we sowed knowledge and learning in a company, what would we reap? A field of full possibilities is open to you. Creating a learning culture in your company, with the right tools and the best advice, is a way of multiplying your resources to better reach your goals.

Learning culture in a nutshell
Continuing to learn and improve on the job are musts for this new wave of workers, whose curiosity and self-guided learning make them key assets to any company. 1

  • A learning culture can be summed up as ways of doing and being that value learning new things and developing skills.
  • It can manifest in many ways, including formal training, knowledge- and skill-sharing between colleagues, collective thinking on best practices, and organizational development.
  • Learning culture requires a climate that’s conducive to innovation and where mistakes are allowed. Challenges are seen as opportunities to practice new knowledge or skills. Learning is everywhere and could happen at any time.
  • Feedback during a project or after a training is a lever for change that’s at the core of learning culture. The constructive comments that result from this process lead to adjusting and valuing individual and collective progress.
  • Learning culture is cross-sectional. In fact, it can be found in several areas in a company, in each member’s day-to-day, in the various work groups, and elsewhere. It must be put into practice on every level.

Lastly, learning culture is one of the solutions for retaining staff in their respective positions. It appears that staff who have access to diverse types of training supported by their employers stay in their jobs longer. This can be explained by the quality of the work environment, the value placed on expertise and the emotional bond with the company. 2

Some Novatips for a flourishing culture

  • Plan a comprehensive strategy that will provide an overview of training paths leading to the acquisition of specific skills. A diagnosis of training structure can be beneficial to your organization. This way, each suggested solution will be in line with your needs and values.
  • Provide learning solutions based on the specific needs of your team members, fueling their personal and professional development. These can be innovative and outside the box, especially with game-based learning that helps create bonds between team members, as the MINKA platform does.
  • As a manager, value the time invested in training by allocating a number of hours per month to do so; this will show your team members the importance you attach to training.
  • Offer the right tools to create a flourishing culture. It’s important to consider the accessibility and user-friendliness of the technological tools used for training. These details have a major impact on interest in training and learning.

A rewarding partnership
Setting up a learning culture with the help of NOVACONCEPT means being supported every step of the way and creating a partnership by pooling expertise to complete your projects. Whether it’s delivering learning devices, creating tailored and creative content, or developing training modules with varied and engaging learning methods, you can count on us to help you cultivate knowledge.

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2 (accessed on 2022-01-27)

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