Coaching de Gestion and Novaconcept establish a strategic alliance to provide state-of-the-art expertise
in transforming leaders and organizations

MONTRÉAL (Quebec) November 15, 2022

At a time when society is placing an ever-increasing value on the development of leaders and organizations, innovative professional support is more important than ever. Coaching de Gestion and Novaconcept are joining forces to combine their cutting-edge expertise and offer new professional support solutions to develop coaching skills and competencies and to transform organizations and talent.

Alliance entre Novaconcept et Coaching de Gestion
From left to right: Pierre Boucher, V.P. NC - Julie Charpentier, Senior Director, Organizational Transformation NC - Annabelle Cadieux, VP, Organizational Transformation NC - Ghislain Bélanger, President and CEO NC - Martine Lemonde, CEO CG - Sylvain Côté, Director, Recruitment and Partnerships CG - Lyne Parisien, Director, Academic Affairs CG

Based on shared values and principles, this alliance is a clear step forward in transforming leaders and organizations. Both companies share the goal of supporting organizations as they face shifting business needs and seek to develop the full potential of their talent.

Through this alliance, Coaching de Gestion and Novaconcept are also affirming their desire to combine their skills, resources and expertise, which have earned them solid reputations in the market, to boost the development of their activities.

As per Martine Lemonde, President and CEO of Coaching de Gestion: “We firmly believe that we have something unique to offer through this alliance, namely the combination of diverse expertise focused on the real needs of individuals and organizations who place high value people and ethical behaviours. This alliance reflects the spirit of collaboration that unites us in pursuing our respective visions and missions. For Coaching de Gestion, it affirms its vision of ‘Inspiring organizations for a better world’ with a view to creating an environment where organizations of all kinds are people-focused and efficient entities.”

For Annabelle Cadieux, Vice President of Organizational Transformation at Novaconcept: “This alliance makes sense for us as we fulfill our mission to provide organizations with a signature experience that helps drive the evolution of talent and leadership towards a more caring, agile and innovative culture. Joining forces will help us offer development spaces that are even more grounded in the real needs of organizations. It’s all directly aligned with our vision, which is being an active player in improving work environments and developing authentic, caring, inclusive, courageous, agile, strategic and value-multiplying leaders.”

About Coaching de Gestion

The story of Coaching de Gestion spans almost 25 years of passion for developing human potential. As the first French-language coaching school in North America, and through their certification programs that help develop individual and collective leadership, they have become the benchmark for developing coaching skills and competencies in Quebec. They are also active in the Francophone world abroad through their remote learning offerings. To learn more:

About Novaconcept

Novaconcept is a creative, diverse and close-knit team that has been supporting organizations with knowledge and passion for over 23 years. Specialized in providing innovative professional support solutions in skills development and organizational transformation, they combine the best of technological know-how and leadership development by providing a complete multimodal approach adapted to current market needs. To learn more:

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