Vector illlustration for the Summer Christmas article. A couple wearing Santa hats are roasting marshmallow by the fire next to their tents and two decorated Christmas trees.A Summer Christmas

This tradition is thought to originate from a time when families were much larger and means of transportation less advanced. It was challenging back then—if not impossible—to gather the entire family on December 25 in the event of a snowstorm. So, the big family gathering was postponed to July, which was historically the time when most workers took their summer holidays in Quebec. The warm weather also made it easier to host relatives for the night, who would sleep outside in tents. Decadent meals, gifts, and music came together to recreate the holiday magic over the course of a warm summer day. In short, this unique event was created to adapt to Quebec’s climate and allow everybody to celebrate. You can sing “Let it snow” all you want, but there’s no need to shovel!

As stated in its name, Christmas in July takes place halfway through the year, which is the perfect time to check in on New Year’s resolutions. The summer sun shines, a balmy breeze blows, and holiday carols play in the background, reminding you of the resolutions made last winter. How often did you hit the neighbourhood gym? Are you learning to live in the present moment? Have you been calling your parents more often?

You may also have set some professional training and development goals. Whether you want to learn more about procrastination in order to improve your performance or foster a culture of learning at your company, it’s never too late to develop new skills that will set you apart in your industry.

You still have time to act on your training and development resolutions, and Novaconcept is there to guide you! You can count on our experts to help you create relevant and dynamic training courses that will suit your needs.

Take inspiration from the Quebecers who have adapted Christmas to their climate and treat yourself to a personalized, fun learning experience that will help you rise up to any challenge!

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