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Work climate, civility, respect: A QUESTION OF ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE

Create and
promote a
healthy and safe
work environment
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Create and promote a healthy and safe work environment
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How is the work climate in your teams? Do you tolerate incivility in your ranks: rumours, malicious gossip, public criticism, persistent requests, bad attitude, exclusion of colleagues, cyberbullying, denial of authority, etc. Uncivil behaviour are a source of many problematic situations and have a major impact on productivity. Tolerating uncivil behaviour in organizations amounts to accepting them, even condoning them. We must act!

Our services

  • E-learning awareness capsules
  • Training and conferences
  • Customized team building and team intervention
  • Support process for all types of organizations
  • Surveys, interviews, focus groups and diagnostics
  • Writing organizational policies
  • Support of management team in culture transformation
  • Coaching of managers
  • Support and tools for human resources specialists

We combine civility interventions in different business sectors:

  • Public sector: Various ministries, health network, municipalities and boroughs (all divisions), education network (university, cégeps, school boards, schools); childcare centres;
  • Private sector: Commercial and service sector, manufacturing and mining sectors, factories;
  • Large and small businesses;
  • Various associations, congresses.

Our method of intervention

  • Act on the work environment to promote individual responsibility and the prevention of incivility, harassment or other behaviour;
  • Instill in employees, managers and organizations a greater sense of the importance of their duty of civility in the workplace;
  • Guide and equip employees on possible courses of action in toxic or difficult work climate situations.
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