While working with us on training projects, you’ve probably already clicked on the small “e” in the upper right-hand corner of the online training courses that we delivered so you could validate them. By doing that, you’ve used our in-house correction management tool: Emendo.

Our very own programming team developed this discreet, but oh-so-useful, app and is doing a remarkable job of streamlining our technological processes.

We’re continuing to develop our Emendo tool to add several new features as part of our continuous improvement approach. In technical terms, let’s say we’ve “evolved our Pokémon” and it’s not as easy to miss now.

Here’s what’s new after Emendo’s evolution:

  • The platform was completely redesigned to provide users with an intuitive browsing experience.
  • The comment panel now has new options for clarifying requests and improving communication. For example, you can now draw arrows to point out elements or draw rectangles to frame an area on screen. You can also use labels to indicate whether the correction relates to narration, visuals or on-screen text!
  • We added the Correction Finished command that automatically notifies Novaconcept that the validation round is officially finished.
  • Sorting correction requests is now easier thanks to filters. You can filter requests by author, creation date and label type (e.g., narrative, visual or on-screen). This same sorting feature is also available for downloadable reports!
  • Previous validation link versions can be accessed at any time to follow the evolution of the course from round to round.
  • And much more!

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