Novaconcept, more than ever (virtually) by your side!

Our team is committed to turning this break into a learning period.

Do you want to deploy efficient and innovative digital solutions to develop the skills of your employees?

We are here to meet your training needs.

Whether they are immediate, calling for quick development, or whether they are only in the planning phase; our experts will offer you a custom solution to meet your expectations.

Pierre Boucher - Vice President: | 514 220-2844

Manon Piché - Director Business Development - Digital Solutions: | 514 560-5435

Ghislain Bélanger - Chief Executive Officer: | 514 943-0413


Our offer

Your challenge, our solution

Novaconcept offers highly adapted, effective solutions in response to the changing requirements of companies. Your challenge will always be transformed into a solution!


A diversified team, bursting with creativity, motivated, devoted and focussed on productivity. Each member plays a key role in animating your knowledge and distributing it efficiently. We meet to share our ideas and vision and revolutionise the world of training. To this end, our expertise is diversified and, among our ranks, we have around twenty bilingual people (some trilingual) who perform the following functions: manager, course designer, editor, scriptwriter, project manager, designer, integrator and programmer.

Our network of professionals includes narrators, actors, photographers, videographers and recording studio technicians, among others.


We produce hundreds of hours of on-line training in our offices annually.

We maximise the distribution of knowledge via judicious use of technology. Our “cyberculture” has given our e-learning productions a solid reputation for their originality, efficiency and versatility. We respect your training framework in the working environment and know how to assist you at each stage of the production process.

Novaconcept has made every effort to create a favourable and stimulating working environment and an efficient work context not only for our employees but also for our distinguished clientele. We are proud to produce your productions in an environment that favours creation. Several clients from all over the world place their trust in us! Our warmest thanks go out to you all!

Here are some of our productions.


Novaconcept has favoured the development of skills through technologies since 1999.

Always attentive to advances and trends, we develop with the demands and requirements of our clients by investing constantly in research and development. We anticipate digital progress and monitor the latest trends in training. Accessible, flexible, innovative and captivating, our productions generate a real return on investment.

Human qualities and the quality of learning are at the heart of our working methods and teaching approach.

We are not simply conveyors of knowledge; we also convey a desire to learn…



Partnership is defined as a commitment to a joint project where each party retains its share of specific responsibilities while combining expertise around a shared project. One of the major motivators is cooperation in original situations with people who share a common vision. Yes, occasionally certain encounters do turn into partnerships.




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