Ensuring company management with Novaconcept goes way beyond the conventional manager’s role. Combining their distinctive forces, Ghislain and Pierre are an integral part of the production process. Innovative designers and visionaries, their role as producers of on-line solutions combined with their role as managers ensures the success of each Novaconcept production.

Ghislain Bélanger, Chief Executive Officer Novaconcept

Ghislain Bélanger

Chief Executive Officer

Ghislain Bélanger founded Novaconcept in 1999.

An education technologist, he has participated in many major projects in education and on-line training (e-learning).

A specialist in cognitive sciences, Ghislain developed considerable expertise in the conceptualisation and structuring of digital teaching content. An experienced designer, he conceptualises and writes scripts for efficient, innovative and creative products.

On an annual basis, Ghislain participates in the analysis, design and production of several tens of hours of complex on-line training and rapid e-learning as course designer and project manager.

An expert in teaching strategy and assessment of knowledge acquisition and performance, he proposes multimedia resources focussed on the development of teaching activities meeting the requirements of the educational objectives of companies and financial and government institutions.

A high-level manager, he ensures correct operation of the design and production teams and the link with the content experts throughout all development and deliverable stages.

Pierre Boucher - Vice-president, Novaconcept

Pierre Boucher


Pierre Boucher joined Novaconcept in 2000.

He has more than twenty years of experience as a manager of large companies in positions requiring excellent knowledge of the market and technologies, good relational qualities and strong leadership.

An expert in business development and management, a visionary and motivator, one of Pierre’s main strengths is his profound understanding of the stakes and challenges associated with the application of new technologies. In his role as contract manager, Pierre is the key contact ensuring contractual follow-up and resolving any situation or issue specific to execution of the project. As project manager, he ensures the quality and correct progress of projects.

Over the years, Pierre has developed a great deal of experience in managing design and production teams involving programmers, integrators, graphic artists, designers and editors, producers of professional videos and recording studios, photographers and content experts.