Agility of our solutions

We have been creating on-line solutions that we are proud of since 1999! Deployment of our innovative solutions is based on a result-oriented culture in which the members of our team are asked to propose and implement simple, efficient strategies and identify future requirements with a view to continuous improvement.

We work in close partnership with our clients, proposing solutions, facilitating discussions and attaching great importance to the quality of the product.

Our mission

Creating training solutions that offer the best possible experience in keeping with our values:

Respect for others in our relationships and communications.

Integrity in our working practises, reflected in the quality of our products.

Diversity and team spirit for a strong and sustainable company.

Creativity and audacity in the solutions proposed.

These values, present in all our activities, are upheld and shared on a daily basis by all members of the Novaconcept team.

Our history

history - Novaconcept

Ghislain Bélanger obtains a master's degree in educational technology.


history - Novaconcept

Ghislain Bélanger founds Novaconcept in Montréal.


history - Novaconcept

Pierre Boucher joins the company as vice president for business development.


history - Novaconcept

Pierre Boucher becomes a partner and one of the main shareholders in Novaconcept.


history - Novaconcept

Novaconcept pursues its growth and moves into a bigger space in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal.
Novaconcept celebrates its tenth anniversary.


history - Novaconcept

Novaconcept obtains its first e-learning assignments in Europe. True to its reputation for excellence, each one is a resounding success.


history - Novaconcept

Novaconcept pursues its momentum and triples its workspace. Its new premises, located in one of the new “in” urban villages in Montréal, the Mile-Ex, are refined, modern and inspiring.


history - Novaconcept

Novaconcept celebrates its fifteenth anniversary and pursues its growth in Canada and Europe.


history - Novaconcept
history - Novaconcept