This capsule in English proposes strategies and gives practical advice to journalists in order to improve their capacity to present a subject during a radio programme.

Audio Skills - NOVACONCEPT

The key words of the presentation appear in white and red, as a reminder of the company’s colours, on a black background to give the necessary impact to the narration and sound effects. The animations, created using a frequency band, turn into objects and characters or show us the sound variations generated by a voice or noise, thus enhancing the atmosphere of a radio studio.

Audio Skills - NOVACONCEPT

Adapted animation

The style and size of words, photos of situations, animation effects and the examples used are in perfect harmony, providing a very efficient transfer of knowledge. The judicious choice of visual effects immerses us in the world of journalism and makes us want to see more.
This high-quality, modern design received two awards at the Emerging Media Award Summit.

Audio Skills - NOVACONCEPT Audio Skills - NOVACONCEPT

Personalised quizzes

The atmosphere of a radio studio is also highlighted in the activities and tests. We see mixing desks and buttons associating the technology used in the multimedia world with the concepts that must be conveyed to the trainee.

Audio Skills - NOVACONCEPT