Our offer

Your challenge, our solution

Novaconcept offers highly adapted, effective solutions in response to the changing requirements of companies. Your challenge will always be transformed into a solution!


Assistance and consulting

You are at the stage of thinking about which approach to adopt for your next training course? In the interests of efficiency and yield, you are looking for a better strategy? You wish to move on from in-class training towards an on-line or hybrid solution? The choice of calling upon us to assist, guide and help you to achieve your objectives is clearly indicated. We will help you to identify your requirements and establish a plan of action specifically adapted to your context and your immediate and future requirements. The expression “made to measure” is a performance driver with Novaconcept.

On-line training

Whether you are experienced users of on-line training or newcomers to the world of virtual learning, we will create the solution that corresponds to your requirement. Eager to discuss estimates for teaching, storyboarding, models, media coverage, production of modules or capsules and implementation? What are you waiting for? Call, write, text… We are here to listen to you!

Mobile training

Our virtual habits change at the speed of lightning.

On-line solutions must now operate in offices, homes, cafés and restaurants… everywhere! Demand is increasing and is here to stay! Our expertise allows us to propose multi-platform on-line solutions with a responsive design and in mobile language (IOS and Android). A training course that can be accessed everywhere on all devices; that is the new and captivating reality of our field of expertise!

Rapid e-learning

You want a solution that will be on line fast? You are looking for a solution with tools that will allow autonomy in its future modification phases? We are ready to adapt your requirement and content to a creative, animated, efficient product available at the time requested. Software and tools complying with industry standards no longer hold any secrets for us. Our experience in Rapid e-learning allows us to design, develop and finalise a high-quality production in a few days or weeks.

Blended training

In cocktails, it is the balance of the mix that counts the most. The same applies to teaching. Sometimes, the requirement needs a design combining in-class training with virtual or mobile training with a virtual classroom. Novaconcept will always propose the correct equation, combining the right tools with the best approach.


Inspired by video games, gamification describes the use of game mechanisms in contexts that do not usually use games. In on-line training, gamification uses game elements to improve the knowledge, know-how and life skills of the user or trainee. Training courses consist of a story, a mission, playing rules, challenges, timing, levels and rewards. Correctly used in an on-line solution, gamification improves the trainee’s participation, motivation and performance.

What differentiates gamification from serious games? Gamification contains game elements incorporated into the on-line solution but it is not a game that has been created. Describe your requirement for us and we will always propose the approach that will contribute to the success of your project!

Serious game

A serious game is a game that has a specific learning objective. It contains all the elements of a game created to entertain, with the same entertainment and pleasure concepts, while allowing the trainee to acquire or consolidate knowledge at the same time.

Do you embrace the “Learn with games and Play to learn” concept?

Like us, you have seen that the trainee is no different in front of his/her screen than he/she is in everyday life?

That we are constantly in search of a story to tell or goals to achieve?

Novaconcept is your best partner to design a serious game focussed on your real requirements.

Our productions are creative, fun, captivating and exceptionally efficient.