2 février 2013

Novaconcept new visual identity

Novaconcept’s new visual identity reflects our brand image and our vision of e-learning.

More dynamic and modern in its form, it perfectly represents the company’s creative and diversified team.

Its design is inspired by a characteristic specific to e-learning, i.e. the arrows on the navigation bar. Forming the V and the A of the logo, these stylised arrows evoke two essential elements of our on-line training courses: direction and movement.

DIRECTION refers to the concept, learning scenario, storyline, objectives and the training experience .

MOVEMENT evokes the form, creation and multiple levels of a training programme. Everything that attracts and retains attention and gives an optimal “ oumf ” to the learning process.

Our new identity refers more to our creative, flexible approach, adapted to the different projects entrusted to us. It also corresponds to our pleasure and privilege in proposing the best possible training experience every time.

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